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Local Writer Feature and Local History Display

Check out our new display on local history and books from local writer Peter Cullimore.

New book donated by a local author.

Local writer, Peter Cullimore is a former Oldfield Park resident (West Avenue) and a retired health journalist who has lived in the region throughout his career. Peter has kindly donated a copy of his recent books to Moorland Road Community Library.

He researched and wrote ‘Saints, Crooks & Slavers’ with his wife Sue. The couple were inspired by their 18th century house in Montpelier, Bristol, being shortlisted for the TV history programme ‘A House Through Time’. The book tells you about its fascinating past residents and how to delve into the history of your own home.

Peter’s follow-up book, ‘Pills, Shocks & Jabs’, was also published during the Covid-19 pandemic. It picks up the story of the Quaker builder and past occupant of Peter and Sue’s home, “Dr” Shurmer Bath. Apart from being an amateur doctor and philanthropist, Shurmer Bath was linked by marriage to a former slave owner’s family.

This previously untold story led Peter to discoveries about other Quakers who shaped a chaotic health service in Georgian Bristol.

Should you prefer to buy your own copy of ‘Saints, Crooks & Slavers’ and/or the follow-up, ‘Pills, Shocks & Jabs’ they are available from bookshops, including The Oldfield Park Bookshop on Moorland Road, Mr B’s Emporium in Bath, or direct from the publishers’ website via their online shop

Peter Cullimore (left) with his latest book Pills, Shocks and Jabs, a follow-up to Saints, Crooks and Slavers.

David Olusoga (right) with Peter’s first book Saints, Crooks and Slavers after signing a copy at the official opening of Bookhaus in Bristol.

Book donation inspires a local history book display.

If you are interested in the local history from Twerton on the doorstep to other distinct suburbs within Bath or the other city in the area, Bristol, as well as towns and villages in between, you might find your next read at Moorland Road Community Library.

The two new books kindly donated by a previous resident of Oldfield Park, Peter Cullimore, has inspired us to create a new display in the library. This display focuses on our local history. We have also linked up with local bookshops (Bath and Bristol) who can supply copies of these books – and others you might find interesting.

Download PDF • 482KB

Reviews of Pills, Shocks & Jabs

“A lively and informative appraisal of the part played by Bristolian dissenters in the struggle for better public health.”

— Professor Steve Poole, Director of Regional History Centre, UWE

“A handsomely produced book, with copious illustrations. I remained interested and entertained throughout.”

— Stephen Bumstead, Quaker Connections, the Quaker Family History Society magazine

“Pills, Shocks and Jabs is attractively presented with coloured photographs and illustrations. It will appeal to those seeking a short introduction to medical developments and pioneering practitioners in Enlightenment Bristol.”

— British Society for the History of Medicine

Pills Shocks Jabs Review by Bristol Books
Download PDF • 52KB

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