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New MRCL display on dementia for Alzheimer's awareness month

Julie Amos has kindly curated a display for Alzheimer's awareness this is what she had to say about it:

"Many people nowadays know someone with memory loss. It may be a parent, grandparent, relative, or friend. Moorland Road Community Library currently has a display of books and information that we hope will help. For adults, our display includes factual information in book form, and in information leaflets from the Alzheimer’s Society; examples of books written by people who are themselves living with memory loss; and also, fiction containing a central character with memory loss.

Children too may know someone who they love who is starting to behave differently and be frightened and upset by this. Our display features both picture books and books for older children with storylines that can help children understand what is happening. Both adults and children can be nervous of visiting someone in a care home setting, especially if that person has memory loss, so we have included books which cover this situation. There are also some books with beautiful illustrations and very short text perfect for sharing with someone who has memory problems.

I have also included copies of my own book The Memory Detectives. I wrote this to help children to communicate with someone with memory loss. Woven into the story are examples of how to reawaken memories, and also a little of what to expect, both good and not-so-good! I am no longer marketing the book but if anyone would like a copy, they are welcome to have it for free or, if they prefer, give a small donation to Moorland Road Library."

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