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Celebrate British Science Week with MRCL

Here at Morland Road Community Library we love science and we want you to share in our enthusiasm. In honour of British Science Week (11 - 20) we wanted to share a small collection of some of the books that can get your excited about science.

This year's theme is ‘Growth’, so the packs are full of fantastic activities looking at all sorts of growth, including buildings, eco-friendly behaviours, animals and even how we can grow plants on Mars!

The packs, created in partnership with UK Research and Innovation, also include information on how to plan for British Science Week, such as how to get your pupils and students engaged with the theme, how to involve volunteers and how to collect materials.

These activity packs are perfect resources to use in the run up to, and during British Science Week, but don’t forget they are available all year round! Scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to activity packs from previous years.

Along with the theme of growth, BSW are trying to smash stereotypes in science by celebrating the diverse people and careers in science & engineering!

For inspiration, they collected stories from individuals and teams that we hope will spark a change in perceptions of people and careers in STEM. You can find more about the BSW website

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